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DreamDaa makes learning a language fun and interactive through its innovative app, providing students with the experience of learning from a teacher


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Introducing the AI-powered mobile app for spoken English training, providing a self-taught and software-based solution for self-paced learning tailored to the individual needs of each student.

DreamDaa app offers an engaging, gamified learning experience while also providing the opportunity for group learning in a virtual classroom setting through its one-on-one teaching feature.


DreamDaa app features a Tamil user interface and utilizes speech recognition, eliminating the need for memorization. The program is designed for use on tablet computers and in high-tech laboratory environments.

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5 foundational


01. Grammar

Our scaffolded & patterned approach teaches learners to express with grammatical perfection across all major tenses.

02. Vocabulary

With access to over 10,000 words and a local keyboard, the learner can be prepared for general and specialised situations.

03. Phonics

Our sound-based approach teaches students to decipher words without memorisation, increasing reading speed and comprehension.

04. Conversation

Over 1,000 essential conversational phrases to teach learners to interact with ease and fluency in a wide array of social situations.

05. Speech

Harnessing the industry’s leading speech engine, our proprietary solution allows unlimited practice to improve pronunciation.


key features

Self-Level Curriculum

Pre-tests in every lesson to quickly escalate learners to their optimal level.

Mastery Coaching

Expert and AI-Driven systems enabling personalised instruction with unlimited.

Clear, Engaging Videos

400 videos produced by Dreamdaa's app teachers and presented in the local tongue.

Extensive Vocabulary

Over 10,000 words, category-specific lists, and local-language keyboard support.

Teacher Craft Exercises

Scaffolded review, reinforcement and skill testing of all English concepts.

Pronunciation Tutor

Proprietary pronunciation tutor harnessing the power of the industry’s leading speech.

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